Hand Drawing

Explore the best resources to help you learn to draw, whether you’re a beginner or expert artist looking to sketch, doodle, or paint. Learn drawing techniques, get drawing tips, and find sites for learning how to work with different mediums including pencils, paints, pastels, charcoals, and pen and ink.

Learning to draw is easy to begin – all you need is a writing instrument and paper. Get fundamental information for drawing beginners, including: finding the right drawing supplies, learning to use tools correctly, an introduction to drawing and different techniques to excel your skills. 


Graphite, Colored Pencils and Accessories


Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting and Digital Painting

Pastels & Charcoals

Chalks, Crayons, Pastels and Additions

Pen & Ink

Art Pens, Calligraphy, Inks, Markers and Accompaniments


Enhance your drawing skills with a list of websites to help you learn key techniques to become a better artist.

Drawing Resources

Wikipedia: Drawing History and background information on drawing. Blog The PENCILS blog is dedicated to pencils, journals and the stories they tell.

Lines and Colors Blog An art-focused blog that is dedicated to drawing, sketching, painting, comics and pretty much any art form that involves lines and colors.

Drawing Inspiration

Daily Sketch Challenge DeviantArt encourages its members to spend 30 minutes doing a sketch and then post their drawings without fear of criticism or critique.

Artists Network Connecting artists with ideas, inspiration and instruction, including fine art instruction, magazines, competitions and free tutorials.

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