Pastels & Charcoals

Enhance your drawing skills by using pastels and charcoals, which can be easily smeared and blended, making them a popular choice among artists. The color effect of pastels and charcoal is more similar to natural dry pigments than any other medium. Pastels are made from pure powdered pigment and a binder that has a neutral hue and low saturation while charcoal is made from charred wood.

Learn about the differences between pastels, crayons, charcoal and how they are used with a wide variety of resources. Find charcoal and pastel drawing techniques, tutorials and tips to enhance your skills as a beginner or advanced artist.


Explore different applications of pastels, charcoals, and crayons with a list of websites to help you become a better artist. 

Pastel and Charcoal Facts

Wikipedia: Pastel
Background information and history of pastels.
Everything you need to know about pastels.

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