Learning the Art of Chinese Calligraphy

An Old World Art Form

Chinese Calligraphy, known as "Shu Fa" in Chinese, is an appreciated art form throughout the world. We see it everywhere--from stone inscriptions to clothing. Character techniques in Chinese Calligraphy were refined throughout China's history and experienced changes as China went through many different social and economic changes. This ancient form of calligraphy was used as a form of self-expression, but also to show a disciplined understanding of the form and technique. Chinese Calligraphy masters each have their own individual style, and many famous artists from both the east and the west have taken influence from this calligraphy for their artworks. Picasso and Matisse both implemented Chinese calligraphy into their artworks.


Dabbling in Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy has been around for thousands of years and has danced its way into the western world, thanks to its beauty and elegance.  This ancient art form is now sought out and many are choosing to take classes so that they can learn the art of Chinese calligraphy. If you wish to dabble in the art that is Chinese Calligraphy, it is recommended that you introduce yourself to the basics. Start with something basic, such as your name, to see how your name is written in Chinese Calligraphy, and find out the meaning. This will provide you with a very basic introduction to the style of the art. After searching some of your loved ones' names and finding out the personal depth and meaning of the name in Chinese, move on to other words used commonly in Chinese art, such as "Hope" or "Love." Many of these phrases end up as tattoos, written in Chinese Calligraphy.


Chinese Calligraphy Courses

Once you've gotten a basic look at the designs, start by researching the very deep and rich history of Chinese calligraphy. It's quite amazing to learn how the writing has changed over the years and usually in response to social and economical changes within Chinese society. If you feel that you have a relatively good grasp on the history of this art form, begin searching courses.


There are Chinese Calligraphy courses online, but there are also instructions in the country itself, if that is a feasible option for you. If you are able to speak Chinese, even if only a few words, this puts you at an advantage, as many instructions incorporate reading and speaking Chinese as well. While some lessons remain basic in their instruction, there are some that delve very deep into the art, history, and meaning of Chinese Calligraphy. Here you will learn the different tools, mediums, and colors used to express yourself using this ancient art form. There are many different ways to express one word in Chinese Calligraphy and the results are often quite remarkable.


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned calligraphy artist, Chinese Calligraphy is a beautiful, unique art to delve into. It can provide countless hours of enjoyable practice until you hone in on your skills and master this ancient, old-world art.