Make Your Own Bumper Stickers!

Bumper stickers are simple to print at home! Purchase sticker paper at a craft shop or office supplier (retail or online) and then make up your own design using your computer. You can create them for your school, club or band, to advertise your small business or simply to show off your creativity. Not just for car bumpers, you can also place them on notebooks, your bike and walls or give them away or even sell them. Bumper stickers can be made in any shape or size, although the traditional size is 3 inches high by 8 inches wide. 

Open a word processing document or a "Paint" or Adobe art program. This will allow you to type words and phrases or import Clip Art — simple drawings — that you find online. An Adobe program is helpful in designing and drawing your own artwork.

Create your design. It can be as simple or intricate as you desire. Keep in mind that only ALPS printers will print white ink; if you want white in your decal design, you will need to use a white decal paper if you do not have this printer. Most bumper stickers are 3 inches by 8 inches; this will fit three bumper stickers on a 8½ by 11 inch piece of paper.

Put one piece of sticker paper into the printer at a time. They are thicker than standard paper, and may jam the printer if you try to load more than one. Select "Print" on your computer program.

Put the newly printed bumper sticker aside for at least 5 minutes once it is finished printing. The ink needs to dry completely before it is moved or touched.

Cut your bumper stickers apart if you have printed more than one on each page. Be sure to cut within an inch of the design; it tends to look sloppy if you leave too much overhang.

Peel the printed bumper sticker off the back paper carefully. The back will be very sticky. Place your bumper sticker on your vehicle's bumper. You can also stick them on notebooks, walls or any other materials. Keep in mind that they will not come off easily once stuck securely.