5 Fun Crafts for the Summer

Summer vacation is here! While there is plenty of things to do outside during the summer—community swimming pools, family vacations, and night games with the neighborhood kids—it can be hard to find a fun activity for when the weather is wet and dreary. Why not keep a few summertime-themed crafts in the back pocket, just in case? Here are five craft projects for kids that will brighten up an afternoon spent indoors.

Stained Glass Bunting with Melted Crayons

These buntings bring a carnival-like atmosphere anywhere they're hung up. All you need is wax paper, crayon shavings, and an iron for melting. Adult assistance might be required for several steps if the crafters are young. This is a good craft for kids ages 8 and above. When you have a beautiful string of colorful flags, you can hang them up in a bedroom, or maybe on the porch. They also add pizzazz to a birthday or another celebration.

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Bean Mosaic Paper Plates

This is a craft that allows a lot of artistic freedom. Making mini-mosaics with dried beans is a fun way to play with patterns and design. Older kids might enjoy this craft more than younger kids because it requires patience for the glue to dry and hand-eye coordination to both lay and paint the beans. After the mosaics are completed, hang them up on a wall to display your creativity!

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Craft Stick Flower Pot

Here is a craft that looks complicated but is deceptively simple to make. All that's required is colored craft sticks, a tin can, and a rubber band! This is a fun craft to make with children in elementary school, especially since it doesn't require any glue. Once it's done, it makes a lovely pot for a flower, or a great present for a parent, teacher or friend.

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3D Hot Air Balloon

This is a craft that can encourage a sense of wonder. After all, hot air balloons are both magical and a real thing people can ride! Some of the materials you'll need are colored paper, a toilet paper roll, and string. Young children will need the materials pre-cut, but can assemble everything together just fine. Older children can have fun cutting the materials themselves. When the hot air balloons are assembled, they'll make magical decorations in both an indoor and outdoor setting (just make sure they don't get rained on outdoors).

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Suncatcher Jellyfish

Summertime is the best time to head to the beach or go on a boat. A fun sea-themed craft are these Suncatcher Jellyfish that are easy to make and don't require a lot: black construction paper for the frame, tissue paper and ribbon to add a lot of color. Hang your jellyfish in the window to catch the sun and watch the light play through the tissue paper. This is a fun craft for small children, who can experiment with overlapping colors, and older children, who can apply color theory if they learned it!

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Feature Image by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash